Apple //e and Apple /// Universal Keyboard Encoder (Version 1)

Apple //e and Apple /// Universal Keyboard Encoder (Version 1)


Need a Smaller Version? Looking for Universal Support? Try the updated JCM Universal Keyboard Encoder instead!

It’s rare, but it happens. The Keyboard Encoder can fail. Hard to find for the Apple //e, and nearly impossible to find for the Apple ///.

NOTE: This WILL NOT WORK in an original Apple ][ or Apple ][ Plus.

NOTE: Firmware development for compatibility with the Apple /// Plus is in development. Contact us for details.

NOTE: It is electrically compatible with an Apple //c and Apple IIc Plus, but won’t physically fit in those machines.

Non-Apple Machines: Version 1 of this design does not support the X8 line. I missed this detail during initial design, but it will be added in future revisions. If you are ordering this to replace the generic General Instrument AY-5-3600 or compatible controller, choose the Apple //e variant. However, please bear in mind that output pins 4 and 5 are bonded together to accommodate a single printed circuit board for both Apple //e and Apple ///. This may cause a compatibility problem depending on what your machine presents or expects on pin 4.

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The one in my Apple /// failed and I didn’t want to scavenge another Apple /// to get one. So designed a replacement. Why keep it to myself, though?

This product uses a PIC16F18875 and adapter circuit board to emulate the function of the original AY-5-3600 from General Instrument, also known as the AY-5-3600-PRO, KR-9600, KR-9600-PRO and other names. Depending on the variant you choose, the function map has been changed to send the binary codes your machine expects.

Fully designed and tested by Joe Strosnider, all key functions have been meticulously mapped, traced and tested. This Apple IIe and Apple III Keyboard Encoder replacement successfully passes the Apple /// Dealer Diagnostics test and Apple //e Diagnostics 2.1.

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