Universal Plus/SE/Classic TTL Video Adapter (v4)

Universal Plus/SE/Classic TTL Video Adapter (v4)


Using an old CRT classic Macintosh, but want to stream from it, do a screen grab, or just export video to a different monitor?  Here’s your meal ticket!

The Universal Plus/SE/Classic TTL Video Adapter is designed to make it easy for folks to connect a modern scaler to their old Mac. Just wire the TTL board to your analog board or board interconnect harness, then connect your RGBtoHDMI (or other scaler capable of excepting a digital signal) – and boom – HDMI video output from your SE/Plus/Classic.

If nothing else, the chip on the board is a sacrificial IC… so if something goes wrong on your analog board, high voltage is not fed into your expensive modern video scaler.

And don’t forget to check out the New Version 5, with dual IDC Headers for easier connections!

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