So, who is this Joe guy?

Name’s Joe Strosnider. I’m just a midwestern 80’s kid playing with old computers and sharing my love of them with the world.

I started collecting old computers around 2000, and never stopped. The reason? I have loved computer technology since I was a child watching Star Trek. I never had access to that technology growing up, but now that I’m an adult, I can enjoy that technology as my hobby.

Even better: I get to share it with you. Join me on my journey.

Hobby Info

  • The Museum is a small, 250 square foot (24 square meter) space in my basement.
    • It contains approximately 50 vintage computers and a fully stocked and tooled electronics workbench for building, repair and investigation.
  • I share my shenanigans on my social media: see above!
  • I spend my free time down in the Museum, tinkering away on some old system, some new project, or collaborating with other vintage computer folks.

Professional Info

  • Self-Taught Computer Guy
    • Self-Taught in basic digital electronics
    • “Wizard” with PC based hardware and Microsoft Windows
    • Wide range of experience from contract sales, to network engineering, to programming and scripting. I’ve done all kinds of things: written commercial applications, designed printed circuit boards, implemented Hyper-V clusters, built entire networks from the ground up.
    • I’m an auto-didact. Generally speaking, that means I learn better by teaching myself than I do through any structured system. Kinda. Sorta. It’s difficult to explain.
  • Day Job: Sales in Managed IT Services