If it’s broken, I can fix it!

If you have an 8-bit or 16-bit system that needs some love, reach out to me!

What I can do.

  • Board Level Repairs on all kinds of vintage computers and add-on cards.
  • Through hole and surface mount repairs.
  • Board trace repairs.
  • Replacing capacitors on mainboards and cards. (Recapping)
  • Replacing capacitors in power supplies.
  • “Capacitor Carnage” and “Battery Bomb” repairs, if not too far gone.
  • General “It’s broken Joe! Can you fix it?” evaluations.

What I can’t do.

  • Repair of high voltage sections of CRT displays.
  • Rejuvenation of CRTs

So, do you have a tricky problem and don’t know what do do? Or, just have an old machine that needs to be recapped? Then contact me for a quote, and we’ll get your old system right as rain!