If it’s broken, I can fix it!

If you have an 8-bit or 16-bit system that needs some love, I can help!

What I can do.

  • Board Level Repairs on all kinds of vintage computers and add-on cards.
  • Through hole and surface mount repairs.
  • Board trace repairs.
  • Replacing capacitors on mainboards, cards and power supplies (recapping).
  • “Capacitor Carnage” and “Battery Bomb” repairs, if not too far gone.
  • General “It’s broken Joe! Can you fix it?” evaluations.

What I can’t do.

  • Repair of high voltage sections of CRT displays.
  • Rejuvenation of CRTs

So, do you have a tricky problem and don’t know what do do? Or, just have an old machine that needs to be recapped? Then use this form, and we’ll get your old system right as rain!

Repair Request Form

This information is sent only in email, and is not saved within the database on this website.

As of 1 April 2024, I am not taking on repair projects due to a large backlog.