Alps/Hairpin Keycap Adapter for Apple //c

Alps/Hairpin Keycap Adapter for Apple //c


So, you got a janky old “hairpin” style keyboard, but you want nice new switches. You can replace them with Alps/Matias switches, but the keycaps don’t work anymore.

PSYCH! They do, actually, with this little adapter. Fits into the new key switch and adapts your old keycaps. YAY!

Check out Javier Rivera’s Video on installation and use of the adapters in the extended product info below.

Wanna print one for yourself? Sure! STL file linked below.

This file is licensed for your personal non-commercial use and may not be used for re-distribution or commercial purposes. (That means you can’t print and sell it or derivative works.)

Hairpin to Alps Keycap Adapter



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