BlueSCSI (v2) 50-Pin Desktop

BlueSCSI (v2) 50-Pin Desktop


It’s Faster! It’s Better! It’s the the BlueSCSI v2 SCSI hard drive emulator!

This 50-pin internal version provides a convenient way to use SD cards as hard drives in your vintage computer. It comes as a fully assembled solution or kit!

For the kit builders: We’ve pre-soldered all of the surface-mount components for you. All you need to do is some through hole soldering and you’re done!

NOTE: The current version does not come with headers for the Pico. It’s designed so that the Pico can be soldered directly to the large pads on the board.


Just got your BlueSCSI? Start here for instructions, tips, tricks and more!

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BlueSCSI provides a convenient way to use SD cards hard drives in your Vintage Macintosh! It comes as a fully assembled solution or kit!

Simple Design – Place a file on an SD card and go. Nothing to configure or setup.

Power Options – In most cases it is powered directly from the SCSI bus. If your bus can’t supply enough power, you can use the Berg power connector or USB.

Performance – Synchronous Fast Mode up to 8MB/sec Read/Write!

Compatibility – Most machines that use SCSI!

BlueSCSI v2 comes in Three variants:

  • Fully Assembled. Assembled & tested. Just plug it in, write a file to a SD card and boot your Vintage Computer!
  • The Kit comes with a pre-flashed & tested Raspberry Pi Pico, along with all the parts you need to get it up and running – Just add an SD card and a Vintage Computer! You must be comfortable with through hole soldering. This is a good kit to test your skills in this area! If you are not comfortable with soldering please choose a fully assembled kit.
  • Board Only: yeah, you can get just the PCB if you want.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 0.75 in
Kit Type

Fully Assembled, Build-It-Yourself Kit, PCB Only

Wi-Fi Option

No Wi-Fi, Include Wi-Fi

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