A2 VidGA – Apple II VGA Adapter


A2 VidGA – Apple II VGA Adapter


NTSC Compatible. Not Compatible with PAL at this time!

The A2 VidGA is a super handy, wide-support VGA output card for your Apple ][, ][+ and //e computer! (It even works in the IIgs for non Super-HiRes modes).

The Apple II’s composite video output is not exactly standard. Some newer monitors don’t like it, and old CRTs can be inconvenient. The A2 VidGA card solves that problem!

The A2 VidGA includes a standard VGA output port, but with a twist. With a simple modification (which you can do yourself, or purchase pre-installed) you can separate the VGA port and attach it to the rear panel of your Apple II – no weird adapters to purchase. It’s an all-in-one solution!

Based on the original Apple II VGA project by Mark Aikens and the update by Vince Briel, our version aims to be the most cost-effective pre-assembled version on the market.


For diagnostic tips, and how-to information, please see Mark Aiken’s Github Page: https://github.com/markadev/AppleII-VGA

Firmware and Configuration Files

How to Update or Change Firmware

  • Power down your Apple, and remove the A2 VidGA from the Apple.
  • Hold down the “BOOTSEL” button on the board.
  • Plug the A2 VidGA into a computer with a MicroUSB data cable. (Be sure it’s a data cable!)
  • Let go of the button.
  • You should see the unit mount to the Desktop or My Computer (or similar) of your computer as a USB flash drive. It should be named “RPI-RP2”
  • Copy the .uf2 file from your computer to this flash drive.
  • Wait ten seconds. The flash drive should automatically dismount/disappear.
  • Unplug and reinstall into your Apple.

Self-Install VGA Cable

Want to make your own VGA cable? It’s easy!

  1. Install a 10-pin header on both sides of the cut line on the board.
  2. Score the board on both sides along the cut line, and snap off the VGA port.
  3. Connect a 10-pin ribbon cable between the board and the VGA port.
  4. Use standard hex bolts to attach the VGA port to the rear of your Apple!

Product Attribution

Original Concept, Design and Firmware by Mark Aikens: https://github.com/markadev/AppleII-VGA

PCB Design by Joe Strosnider, based on reference design by Vince Briel: https://github.com/Retrotink/Apple-II-VGA

Additional information

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Apple ][ & ][ Plus, Apple //e

VGA Header

With VGA Header Extension, Without VGA Header Extension