SoftCard III (Reproduction)

SoftCard III (Reproduction)


Instead of waiting forever for a $300 auction for an original Softcard III, pick one up from instead!

A faithful 1:1 reproduction of the original Microsoft Softcard III for the Apple /// computer. Available as a fully assembled card, a build-it-yourself kit for the tinkerers, and for the truly adventurous: a bare PCB.

Compatible with the original ROM. Assembled units and Kits come with an adapted ROM due to parts availability, bare PCB does not. NOTE: unit does not include a back panel bracket.

Fully Assembled units are hand-assembled on my bench in Ohio – just for you – and boot tested to Apple /// CP/M on an original Apple ///.

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The Apple /// does not get enough love. I aim to change that.

The Softcard III Reproduction by Joe Strosnider is a nearly exact 1:1 recreation of the original card by Microsoft. It supports all of the original chips, and even the original ROM, while being able to support newer HCT logic. My version comes with a ROM adapter and a pre-programmed 27C256 ROM chip. This was done as the original 256-byte ROMS are no longer made and new-old stock costs more.

This card successfully boots into Apple /// CP/M from a wDrive and original floppy disk.

Each unit lovingly assembled by hand in Ohio. ‚ô•

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.6 × 0.8 in
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Fully Assembled, Build-it-Yourself Kit, PCB Only