JCM Universal Apple RGB Adapter

JCM Universal Apple RGB Adapter


What? It’s possible to get the best color exactly as the designers intended, right from your Apple IIe or Apple /// without a rare monitor? Absolutely!


The Universal Apple RGB Adapter takes the 4-Bit TTL RGB signal from an Apple ///, the Apple /// Plus or the Apple IIe Video7-style RGB card and converts it to two formats: IBM-style CGA-Compatible TTL, and Apple IIgs Standard. On the Apple /// machines, it also connects the color NTSC signal from the rear connector to a standard RCA-Jack so you can use it.

Works with any standard NTSC Composite video monitor (Apple /// only), CGA video monitor (both), or AppleColor RGB A2M6014 monitor (both).

NOTE: the Kit version includes one very tiny surface mount inverter. If you want the kit but can’t solder this component, please place a comment during your checkout.

NOTE: Using this with the Apple IIe Extended 80-Column RGB Card (699-0221), requires a jumper to be installed on the two pins just below and to the right of the video header on the board: see the picture in the product gallery.

Don’t Forget to pick up a 3D Printed enclosure too! Or, download the STL file and print one yourself.

Download the pinout guide for self-assembly.

Wanna see the product premier and full assembly? Check it out on YouTube.

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The Universal Apple RGB Adapter connects the Apple /// or an Apple IIe with a Video7-style RGB Card to any CGA monitor, Apple IIgs Monitor or NTSC color monitor.

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