Phase 3 – Composite Color Corrector

Phase 3 – Composite Color Corrector


It’s no secret: composite color reproduction on the Apple /// isn’t the best. But did you know you can make it almost exactly match the colors of the Apple //e?

You can, with Phase 3.

Just remove the 74LS11 chip from location K8 on your Apple /// or Apple /// Plus logic board, and pop in the Phase 3. Instant color fix! It also has two settings so you can tune your color reproduction just the way you want it. Orange is orange not pink. Medium Blue is Medium Blue, not Green.

Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures below to see how well it works!

And while you’re here, why don’t you pick up a Colorizer 3 or Universal RGB Adapter so you can get composite color video from your Apple ///!

NOTE: Phase 3 only corrects the NTSC compatible composite color video signal presented on the 15-pin color video jack. It does not make the B/W video jack produce color. It does not modify the RGB video in any way. It will not work in a PAL coded Apple ///.

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Visual Comparisons

How the heck does this thing work?

Get ready for SCIENCE!

The TV knows how to generate any specific color by comparing the phase difference between the colorburst signal at the beginning of each line of video and the video signal at any point on the screen. The Apple /// generates the colorburst using one reference frequency, and generates the pixels using a slightly different reference frequency. (Why? Who knows.) This means that all of the colors are shifted “left” on the color cycle by an exact amount.

There are two ways to fix this: fix the pixel generation (hard/expensive) or fix the colorburst (easy/cheap). Phase 3 takes the colorburst reference that is injected into the 74LS11 and routes it through a series of inverters. Each hop through an inverter delays the signal a tiny bit, shifting the signal “right” and putting it back in phase with the pixel signals. It then injects the fixed signal back into its onboard 74LS11. This makes the colors match what they should look like.

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