Clipper Plus – Internal SCSI for Macintosh Plus

Clipper Plus – Internal SCSI for Macintosh Plus


You have a Mac Plus. You want Internal SCSI.

Clipper Plus makes that happen.

Just snap the Clipper Plus over your Mac Plus SCSI chip, thread the SCSI cable up through the frame, and attach your favorite internal SCSI device.

Includes internal termination power for popular SD storage devices like BlueSCSI.

Great when paired with the Internal BlueSCSI Mount for Mac Plus.

Be sure to check out the installation tips below!!

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Clipper Plus is a “Killy Clip” style adapter for your Macintosh Plus that allows you to install a SCSI storage device inside the computer. Just snap Clipper Plus over your Mac Plus SCSI chip, thread the SCSI cable up through the frame, and attach your favorite SCSI drive emulator.

Clipper Plus includes a jumper for termination power. This allows you to power any of the popular SD storage devices like BlueSCSI directly from the SCSI cable without the need for any internal fly wires or cable splicing.

Original Concept by BigBadBiologist. Designed with love in Ohio by Joe Strosnider.

Installation Steps:

  1. Open up your Mac Plus
    1. This step requires a long T15 Torx driver.
    2. Lay the Mac Plus down on it’s face. It makes next steps easier.
  2. Unplug the Cables
    1. When you unplug the power and floppy cables, tuck them out of the way so they don’t get caught up in the process later.
  3. Remove the Logic Board
    1. Super easy. The board slides right up and out.
  4. Install Clipper Plus
    1. Press the unit down onto the SCSI chip until it pops into place.
    2. The Jumper faces towards the serial ports. The cable runs towards the center of the logic board.
  5. Reinstall the Logic Board
    1. This is the trickiest part! Hold down the Clipper Plus with your thumb while you slide the board back into the chassis.
    2. Thread the SCSI cable under the chassis frame and insert the board an inch at a time, readjusting the SCSI cable as you go.
    3. Keep your thumb down on the Clipper Plus during the entire installation process – until you can’t anymore!
  6. Check Clipper Plus
    1. Carefully examine Clipper Plus to ensure it is still firmly and squarely installed onto your SCSI chip.

Installation Tips:

Be sure the Clipper Plus is fully pressed down onto your SCSI chip during and after installation. The clearance of the cable between the logic board and the chassis frame is very tight. This can lead to some friction that can pull the Clipper Plus off the SCSI chip. This won’t cause any damage to your machine, but it will cause your Mac Plus to simply fail to see your SCSI device or behave very oddly.

Installation Video:

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